Foundation Works

Underground Diaphragm Wall Works

We construct very deep diaphragm wall corresponding to various kinds of construction works such as earth retaining water-cut off wall,underground wall to support a structure itself, foundation pile and etc.
It is also possible for us to execute construction under difficult circumstances such as limited height and space.

EMX earth retaining diaphragm wall works


[Public channel construction works]

TMW earth retaining diaphragm wall works


[Metro railway construction works]

Underground Diaphragm Wall
Soil Improvement Works

  • RC underground diaphragm wall
  • CRM construction method (Diaphragm wall using recycle-drilled mud)
  • TMW construction method (Isometric soil diaphragm wall)
  • BH / TBH diaphragm column pile method
  • TSR construction method (Diaphragm column pile for small space)

Underground diaphragm
wall drilling machine

  • BMX-120
  • BMX-240
  • EMX-150
  • EMX-240
  • EMX non-joint version / divice
  • BWN-80120
  • BWN-5580
  • TMW