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Our overseas projects were started in earnest in 1975 with a water well construction project in North Yemen(The Republic of Yemen) and today our company is carrying out groundwater development and infrastructure construction projects in various countries of Asia, Africa, Central America and South America. There are many people in the world who are suffering from safe potable water. In order to supply safe potable water for those people, we are performing the drilling of water wells and constructing the corresponding piping and water supply facilities. Based on our experience in foundation construction garnered in Japan, our company is also constructing foundation piles for highway, bridges and other building structures as well as piers and road other than water well construction in overseas. We are also involved in activities such as technical guidance in relation to new machinery/construction methods and personnel training as a part of our contribution to the world in the wide various fields.

Development and Supply of Water Resources

  • Development of groundwater / Drilling water well(DTH drilling method, Mud water drilling method)
  • Piping works
  • Construction of water treatment plant
  • Construction of water supply facilities

Infrastructure Construction Works

  • Foundation pile works (for road, bridge etc)
  • Bridge construction
  • Pier construction
  • Road construction

imageRepublic of Ecuador

Water well drilling,
Construction of public faucet facilities


imagePeople's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Foundation pile works of highway


imageRepublic of Kenya

Water well drilling,
Construction of water supply facilities


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Overseas Construction Works Construction Experience

Democratic People's Republic of Algeria / Republic of AngolaRepublic of Ecuador / Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia / Republic of El Salvador / Republic of Cameroon / Kingdom of Cambodia / Republic of Guinea / Republic of Guatemala / Republic of Kenya / Republic of the Sudan / Kingdom of Thailand / Republic of Nicaragua / Republic of Niger / Republic of Burundi / Socialist Republic of Vietnam / Republic of Bolivia / Republic of Madagascar / Republic of Malawi / Republic of Mali / Union of Myanmar / Republic of Mozambique