Drilling Works


Warmness to Relaxation, Water to Life

In all our construction projects, the perspective of our customers is always considered with great sincerity, emphasizing on high quality.We endeavor to apply our technology, accumulated over the many years of experience, to our construction projects, in order to achieve our social responsibilities through our corporate activities.


Development of Hot Spring and
Underground Water

We support the activation of geodynamic forces through the development of geothermal energy, as well as providing thorough after-care management and maintenance. We have substantial and broad experience in hot spring developments from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa/Ishigakijima Is. in the south of Japan. Our company can provide a variety of detailed services including geo-physical survey related to hot spring developments, constructions of hot spring facilities and application procedures for all related permissions and others.

Facilities relating to Hot Spring

In relation to hot spring drillings, our company provides pump selection/installation work and maintenance/inspection procedures as after-care following pump installation, while we can also comply with any related needs such as facilities upgrading. Additionally, in relation to the recent revision of the Hot Springs Act requiring further countermeasures to inflammable natural gas, we can offer a wide range of construction services (such as the installation of gas separators) related to safety measures for the existing or newly drilled hot springs.


Horizontal Boring

We can perform the drilling through various difficult geological structures such as faults, fractured rocks, pressurized water bearing zone and hydroscopic swelling ground by the horizontal boring machine of TOP-LS using "Duplex Pipe Shield Drive Horizontal Boring Method". Our company has a lot of construction experience with pilot boring, in such sites as Seikan Tunnel, Joetsu-Shinkansen Nakayama Tunnel, Abou Tunnel and so on in Japan. We endeavor to achieve these difficult construction works by applying our advanced technology in horizontal boring.