Company Overview


corporate philosophy

Our company, TONE Engineering Corporation, is the company whose predecessor is
'TONE Boring Co., Ltd.' specialized in manufacturing and selling boring machines and
which inherited the construction department from TONE Boring Co., Ltd.
We undertake drilling construction works in a wide field such as civil engineering works,
boring works by sharing technology and machines which we have developed over
long time of research, development and experience.
We have contributed to infrastructure construction works through
the development of groundwater programs by developed countries to
developing countries under ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects.
Through these programs, the developing countries have been able
to utilize our high quality drilling technology and experience that
we have acquired in various countries all over the world.

-Message from the President-

'TONE for a Century'

Since our establishment, we have built up successive layers consisting of our diligent efforts,
devoted to research and development, and directed at being pioneer of the future of underground construction.
We move forward at a slow pace while passing on our cultivated technology and constantly keeping in mind
our responsibility to society.
Our dream is...
"TONE tree", whose roots are reaching to underground of all over the world,
will bloom gloriously with flowers of "Smile" and spread seeds of "Thank you".
To achieve this, we will constantly strive with all our might to lead people to happiness,
and continue to the future with keeping gratitude in our hearts.
As an ''Earth Contributing Company'' supporting the earth from the underground, we continue to grow and evolve towards the ''century of the Tone Engineering Corporation".

Tone Engineering Corporation
President and CEO

Mitsunori IZAWA