Foundation Works


[TBH] Top Drive Reverse Circulation Construction Method

We can construct cast-in-place-pile in the particular sites which are located in narrow space and in limited height under elevated railway downtown. It is also possible for us to construct in areas near to the residential estates because machine noise and unpleasant vibration are kept very low. These constructions are effective for railway elevation works and bridge reinforcement works to mitigate the effects of earthquakes.


[Railway station reforming construction works]

MPD-45 type

MACH pile works


[Temporary works for Bridge construction]

BH pile works


[Construction of protection wall for rail line]

TBH pile works


Setting a drilling machine on the gantry lies directly on railway station


A middle swivel under a drilling machine

Other Pile Works

  • TBH construction method (Top drive reverse circulation method)
  • BH construction method (Large diameter boring)
  • DH construction method (Dry down-the-hole hammer)
  • MACH construction method (Wet down-the-hole hammer)
  • RCD construction method (Reverse circulation drill)

Reverse circulation
drilling machine

  • TBH (various sizes)
  • MPD-45
  • MPD-80

BH pile
drilling machine

  • TBM